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Squishy Cat Night Light

Squishy Cat Night Light

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This squishy cat night light is sure to delight!

Not only is it ultra cute, but it also provides soft, ambient light to help you relax after a long day! Just give it a gentle tap to change the color!

✨ Made of durable silicone, you can squish this adorable light all day long!

✨ Auto shutoff function after 1 hour

✨ Size: 10.2 x 9 x 8.9 cm

✨ Powered with 3 AAA batteries, batteries not included

1. When power is turned on, the light is a warm yellow color
2. Tap the cat for to switch to the color changing mode
3. Tap again to keep the color at the color you tapped at
4. Tap again to turn off the light

- 100% baby safe BPA-free material, fun and eco-friendly, soft silicone touch lamp with rounded edges. Kids can play with and don’t have to worry about it breaking! A child can safely place the glowing night light near their crib or in their bed.

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