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Adjustable Eyes Owl Ring

Adjustable Eyes Owl Ring

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Owl eye Color

Owls represent wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development, and trusting the mystery. They are tied to the spiritual symbolism of “death” which brings about new beginnings with a higher understanding and evolved perspective. Owls can show up when you are being asked to listen to your intuition.

The big eyes are the most unique part of it, not only pretty but also they make the ring eye catching. this ring is eye-catching. Can be worn by men or women, and will be a meaningful gift as the Owl has high qualities.

  • Materials: Copper, Silver
  • Adjustable: 5 US to 11 US
  • Band color: Silver
  • Width: 11 bmm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 7.6g


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